Westgate Badminton Centre Structure

As a comprehensive facility serving the needs of all players from Beginner to International and Recreational to Professional, Westgate Badminton Centre has a somewhat complex structure. 

It can broadly be broken into 2 areas: 

Recreational Badminton and Formal Training Centre Structure.

Recreational Badminton

This caters, as with any other badminton centre, for individual, club and any aspect of badminton a person wishes to participate or become interested in. It is then up to the individual what they wish to progress, when and how, with support being given from the Centre as requested or needed.

Training Centre Structure

This consists of two pathways; The Westgate Pathway and The Performance Centre Pathway. These pathways run alongside each other to make sure that all players of any age and ability are catered for. We look to provide coaching sessions, competitive match play, development sessions and non-competitive match play sessions for all standards.

In addition to the badminton provided at Westgate there is a county set up who provide training for players who are selected to be in the County Squads. Westgate (both pathways) works alongside Hampshire Badminton Association to ensure that players are able to take part in all components of badminton in the area.