Performance Centre Coaching

What is a Performance Centre (PC)?

Performance Centres are BADMINTON England funded infrastructures where players, coaches and volunteers can progress, reach their potential and satisfy their own ambition within the sport. Performance Centres provide a platform to increase competitive opportunities and raise standards for all players.

BADMINTON England Performance Centres are integral to achieving the aim of improving the standard of players so more pressure is exerted on the top elite band. They can do this by setting new standards in their operations, with particular emphasis on:

  • Identifying the right raw talent
  • Implementing the right player pathway to support player development
  • Involving the right coaches who: 
    • Set the highest standards of professionalism
    • Are committed to all aspects of the coaching process (plan, do, review and evaluate)
    • Support players as they move along the player pathway
    • Commit to Continuous Professional Development
    • Contribute positively to a mentoring system
  • Availability and access to the right level of competition

PC Structure

The PC is made up of progressive levels of development:

  • Raw (A and B)
  • Developing
  • Emerging

PC Player Criteria

Players who are part of the PC are expected to fulfil certain criteria.



Weekly Training Hours

         BE Tournaments

  BE Profile Score

             Other Requirements



Minimum 8 hours

Minimum 6


-          Recommended individual coaching

-          Additional Match play sessions



Minimum 10 hours

Minimum 11


-          Regular Individual Coaching

-          Competitive Match Play

-          Follow a physical programme



Minimum 12 hours

Minimum 15


-          Regular Individual Coaching

-          Competitive Match Play

-          Follow a physical programme

Please speak to your PC Coach for advice on the criteria