Westgate Coaching

Coaching at Westgate encompasses every level from beginners to National and International level.

Each level / area of play; Beginners, Club, Performance Centre, County, National Performance Training, which takes place at Westgate has its own dedicated coaching staff. These coaches are suitably qualified to coach at the appropriate level and will ensure you receive the most comprehensive, productive and enjoyable experience.

More detail on Coaching, within specific areas / levels can be found within the relevant areas on the website or alternatively contact Westgate badminton Centre directly for guidance. (01962 444440).

External Coaching

Westgate Badminton Centre provides coaching to external organisations such as schools, junior clubs, other adult clubs or Badminton England organisations as needed. These can be either on request from the external organisation or when instituted and organised by and from the Centre.

For further details contact Richard Peters directly at Westgate Badminton Centre. (01962 444440) 

Are you six or over?

If you would like to try the sport of Badminton and you are aged 6 or over, come and see us at Westgate Badminton Centre on Saturday 9.00 to 10.00. The session will be taken by Sunil Bali . Westgate Badminton Centre currently have children from beginners all the way through to International players.