Social Events / Fundraising

Westgate is looking to continue and increase, the frequency of social & fundraising events at the Centre. The purpose of these events is for the players and parents that spend so many hours at badminton to have a chance to meet socially whilst raising money for the benefit of Westgate and all those involved now and in the future. Upcoming events will be announced on the website and also in the centre, so keep your eyes open and please support the events!

Other Events

This year Westgate has been instrumental in setting up a new Hampshire Junior League and this is being run by Westgate Badminton Centre. Junior Teams in age groups Under 13 and Under 15 are invited to play in festival style tournaments against each other approximately four times a year. Players selected must not have represented Hampshire, are not above Raw (Bronze) level in the Performance Centre, or G grade or above on the Badminton England circuit.